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  • B3000: One-Touch Button Camera - Free 8GB microSD!
  • B3000: One-touch Button Camera - Free 8gb Microsd!
    SKU: B3000

    If you are looking for new ways to record your experience in stores, then the B3000 One-Touch Button Camera would be a great device for you! This model looks like an ordinary black shirt button. A pinhole button-style camera watches everything and records directly to the MicroSD card inside the dev...

  • $51.75

  • BC420A: Wired Button with Audio
  • Bc420a: Wired Button With Audio
    SKU: BC420A

    Button cameras are hidden camera designed to look like a shirt accessory or button.They are a popular choice for covert recording because they are so easy to hide on your person. This lens easily replaces the normal button of a dinner or sport jacket. Our upgraded version of the BC420 now comes wit...

  • $33.93

  • BluetoothClip: Bluetooth Clip Hidden Camera
  • Bluetoothclip: Bluetooth Clip Hidden Camera

    The Bluetooth Clip is a fully functional Bluetooth ear bud with a hidden camera in the clip– compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device! Simply clip the camera to your clothing, insert the ear bud, and run the cable down to any portable DVR* of your choice. Powered by the DVR. The Bluetooth Cli...

  • $79.35

  • GLClear1080p: High Definition Glasses
  • Glclear1080p: High Definition Glasses
    SKU: GLClear1080p

    Have you been looking for a great wearable, covert camera, but just aren’t satisfied with the styles or recording quality of other devices? Well look no further! The new GLClear1080p is our first covert glasses camera to offer full HD 1080p recording in a stylish, slim line frame. High definition...

  • $108.10

  • GLClear720FF: High Definition Full Frame Glasses - Free 4GB microSD
  • Glclear720ff: High Definition Full Frame Glasses - Free 4gb ...
    SKU: GLClear720FF

    Covert gadgets aren't always used for spying. The high-quality, soft-touch plastic full frames make these glasses sturdy but comfortable. Between assignments you can use this ultra-advanced pair of glasses to give yourself a trendy look or record your outdoor adventures. When duty calls, these ...

  • $108.10

  • HCBluetoothHD: High Definition Bluetooth Hidden Camera*
  • Hcbluetoothhd: High Definition Bluetooth Hidden Camera*
    SKU: HCBluetoothHD

    The brand new HCBluetoothHD is perfect for police officers, secret shoppers, or anybody who needs to covertly record what they see. The modern design of this device not only looks exactly like any other bluetooth device, but it also conceals a fantastic, HD, hidden camera that fits in perfectly to ...

  • $108.10

  • Sun420: Sunglasses DVR 420
  • Sun420: Sunglasses Dvr 420
    SKU: SUN420

    The SUN420 is a pair of sunglasses with a hidden camera in the frames . These sunglasses are great for spying because they're compact, lightweight, and portable. You'll be ready to film wherever you go. Wear at an event or special occasion to leave your hands free for food and handshakes. P...

  • $42.55

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