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  • OmniAC1080WiFi
  • Omniac1080wifi
    SKU: OmniAC1080WiFi

    The most ubiquitous, unnoticeable devices nowadays are chargers. With the average Joe carrying at least two or three rechargeable electronic devices on their person every day, chargers are in abundance everywhere and go without a second glance. The new LMWifiPower takes advantage of this fact to pr...

  • $189.00

  • TravelACWifi1080
  • Travelacwifi1080
    SKU: TravelACWifi1080

    Do you have family in a different country? Are you worried that your housekeeper might be taking things? With multiple power plug adapters you can keep an eye on your property whether it’s in the United States, the UK, Europe or Australia. Multiple Adapters - Traveling out of the country? No worr...

  • $149.00

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