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  • DV720P: HD Video Pen
  • Dv720p: Hd Video Pen
    SKU: DV720P

    The DV720P video recording pen is a high quality, stylish writing instrument concealing a high def 720P video camera. Simply push one button to begin recording digital video into the built-in memory chip. Easy to use. Slide the pen apart to use the USB port for data retrieval and device charging. C...

  • $85.10

  • DVMP2K - 2K Resolution Video Pen
  • Dvmp2k - 2k Resolution Video Pen

    Looking for the best pen in the covert industry? No need to look any further! The DVMP2K has it all while maintaining its functionality as an actual pen. Grab this all in one unit to record audio only, motion detection. Video/Audio/Picture Capturing - This pen eliminates you from having to buy more...

  • $103.50

  • MQ720pm: Gold 720p Video Pen with Motion Detection*
  • Mq720pm: Gold 720p Video Pen With Motion Detection*
    SKU: mq720pm

    The all new MQ720pm is a great way to record on the go. Not only does the 1280x720p HD video mean you can record high quality video in a small package, this is also our first device to support 128GB microSD cards! That means you can store up to a massive 16 hours of HD footage. Since no special for...

  • $125.35

  • PrmaMQ77N: Black and Silver Recorder Pen
  • Prmamq77n: Black And Silver Recorder Pen
    SKU: PrmaMQ77N

    The PRMAMQ77N is the latest upgrade to our popular PRMA line of audio recording pens. It has an even slimmer sleeker design than it's predecessors that is sure to exceed your expectations. With this new update there is no longer a need for special software so it is compatible with more computer...

  • $108.10

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