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  • HCCordCam: Lawmate Hidden Camera Cord Cam
  • Hccordcam: Lawmate Hidden Camera Cord Cam
    SKU: HCCordCam

    The ingenious HCCordCam with a built-in DVR is an AC Adapter and the perfect covert video recording system. This covert system includes a 4GB MicroSD card, USB cable, RCA output cable, and remote control that provide great control over resolution and motion sensitivity. The camera is built into the...

  • $304.75

  • HCLMThermos: Lawmate Thermos Hidden Camera
  • Hclmthermos: Lawmate Thermos Hidden Camera
    SKU: HCLMThermos

    The HCLM Thermos disguises a high-quality video camera as an ordinary and usable* thermos.This gadget is perfect for nonchalantly keeping on your desk, bringing to a meeting, or taking on lunch break. If you can convincingly pretend to sip from it and you can open the bottle, but we don't recom...

  • $195.50

  • HCOutlet: Lawmate Hidden Camera Outlet
  • Hcoutlet: Lawmate Hidden Camera Outlet
    SKU: HCOutlet

    The HCOulet contains a complete covert video system built into an electrical power outlet. It may be our most innocuous gadget yet. Using the included Stick-It! tape you will be able to set up and place covert video on walls anywhere in 30 seconds or less! This is innovative stationary covert video...

  • $218.50

  • HCPower: Lawmate Covert Power Plug Camera
  • Hcpower: Lawmate Covert Power Plug Camera
    SKU: HCPower

    Home surveillance is a top priority. Whether you are gone just for one day at work or a few weeks on vacation you want to make sure your home is being watched. Your neighborhood may be facing a string of break-ins and you want an eye on your home at all times. Catching a thief is easier when you kn...

  • $132.25

  • LMBU18: Wired Button Camera
  • Lmbu18: Wired Button Camera
    SKU: LMBU18

    The color spy button camera BU-18 from Lawmate technology is a 550 TV lines of resolution pinhole camera set that can change appearance in just a few seconds with a simple adjustment. The color pinhole camera features a threaded lens that you can attach a button or screw head to. The color spy bu...

  • $136.85

  • lmminidvr720p: Lawmate Miniature DVR with 720p HD Camera
  • Lmminidvr720p: Lawmate Miniature Dvr With 720p Hd Camera
    SKU: lmminidvr720p

    The LMMINIDVR720P is a great addition to our line of premium Lawmate products! The small size, built in camera, and easy two button operation mean that you are ready to record whenever and wherever. The included wired remote simplifies things even more, allowing you to turn on the device and immedi...

  • $159.85

  • PocketDVRMini: Lawmate Miniature Pocket DVR
  • Pocketdvrmini: Lawmate Miniature Pocket Dvr
    SKU: PocketDVRmini

    The PocketDVRMini is a first-class DVR in a miniature form.This rugged unit is highly portable to serve your covert video operations wherever they take you. Resolution. Video files are a clear and discernible 720x480 resolution at 29 frames per second. Continuous video and motion detection. Perfect...

  • $132.25

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