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  • Flashback Historical GPS Logger by LandAirSea
  • Flashback Historical Gps Logger By Landairsea
    SKU: fb2gps

    The location data stored on the Flashback® GPS Logger can be accessed by inserting the device directly into your personal computer or laptop via a USB port. The tracking activity recorded by the Flashback® GPS Logger can then be viewed through the Flashback cloud-based software. No software insta...

  • $155.25

  • SilverCloud Overdrive
  • Silvercloud Overdrive
    SKU: SilverCloudOverdrive

    Need the fastest real-time tracking available? The SilverCloud Overdrive offers plans with updates as often as every 3 seconds! A data plan is required for the SilverCloud. The data plan charts below list the update speeds and their corresponding prices. Data Plan Pricing: Pay As You Go: No Contrac...

  • $226.55

  • SilverCloud Real-Time
  • Silvercloud Real-time
    SKU: SilverCloudRealTime

    Featuring a compact, portable design, the SilverCloud Tag Real-Time GPS Tracker from LandAirSea can be placed in a purse, briefcase, backpack, or glove compartment for tracking of an asset, vehicle, or person. You can access the device’s SilverCloud Online software from most web browsers, and the...

  • $157.55

  • SILVERCLOUDTAG (Personal Live GPS Tracker)
  • Silvercloudtag (personal Live Gps Tracker)

    The SilverCloud Tag is a compact, pocket-sized, live GPS tracker that can be utilized for various personal tracking applications. With the web-based SilverCloud Online, users will have the ability to monitor and track a vehicle or asset in real-time. The ultra-portable size, allows users to place i...

  • $166.75

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