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  • HCIphoneDock: iPhone Dock with Hidden Camera
  • Hciphonedock: Iphone Dock With Hidden Camera
    SKU: HCIphoneDock

    The new HCIphoneDock is the perfect accessory to charge your iOS device while keeping an eye on your entire room. This simple to use docking station camera will record in 1080P while charging your iOS device. No need to worry about a battery life as this unit plugs in!

    100 Degree V...

  • $129.00

  • HCMiniCharge Black
  • Hcminicharge Black
    SKU: HCMiniCharge Black

    NOTE: This item now operates by motion detection Functional phone charger. The new HCMiniCharge is a small, but powerful, device. With 1080p recording resolution, hidden discreetly inside a functional phone charger, the HCMiniCharge is sure to be both covert and useful. No button operation. Our sim...

  • $85.10

  • HCPowerbank720
  • Hcpowerbank720
    SKU: HCPowerbank720

    The HCPowerBank720 looks and operates exactly like a normal, portable battery pack. These devices are normally used for backup or extra power for cell phones and other portable electronics. As phones get more and more powerful they consume more and more battery life, making a backup charger not onl...

  • $129.00

  • HCPowerCase1080p: iPhone 7 Case with Hidden Camera
  • Hcpowercase1080p: Iphone 7 Case With Hidden Camera
    SKU: HCPowerCase1080p

    The Brand New HCPowerCase1080p is perfect for anybody who wants to record covert video but doesn't want to carry any extra devices. This phone case not only fits perfectly on your iPhone 7, but it also contains a fantastic hidden camera. With this on your phone, you're ready to record anyti...

  • $148.35

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